Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

You’ve been to yoga – but your experience left you…

Making negative comparisons. “That person is better than I am.” “I can’t do what they’re doing.”

Crying during or at the end – and feeling like you had to hide the tears.

Suffering from self-doubt and licking your wounded self-confidence.

The teacher’s approach was…

Demanding – their high expectations left you feeling like a failure.

Intrusive – you suddenly felt their presence near you, and you felt uncomfortable.

Way too “hands-on” – it was overwhelming or even creepy.

It set off triggers…

“I hate the word pose.” “Who thinks that word is appropriate?”

“My body shook uncontrollably. I felt like I was losing control.”

“I felt disempowered – like other times in my life when someone took advantage of me.”

You felt like…

The “choices” weren’t yours. The power dynamic was palpable.

There were “shoulds” and “have tos.”

You couldn’t bear witness as a way of participating.

Or you wanted to try yoga, but others made you think…

Yoga is for women only.

If you do yoga, you’re emotionally weak.

You have to have a certain body type to take part.

But how about Your Yoga Your Way?

How does that sound?

I’ve fallen in love with Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)! So much so that I’m a certified facilitator.

Gone is yoga that made you think and feel uncomfortable, inferior, restricted, or out of place.

HERE TO STAY is yoga that…

Invites you to participate and always offers choices in form, movement, and participation but never compels or coerces you to engage.

Allows you to adjust or modify any form or movement – at any time, for any reason – and allows you a shared experience between facilitator and participant.

Reconnects you with the sensations in your body without triggering unpleasant or traumatic experiences.

Equips you to reclaim the power that is uniquely yours! The power once taken by an unhealthy person or event.

TCTSY is effective.

TCTSY is a gentle, low-impact yoga beneficial for all bodies and abilities.

Clinically tested and found helpful for complex trauma and PTSD, TCTSY may be especially right for you if you’ve tried other treatments and find that something’s still missing.

Research shows that it works particularly well with talk therapy.

Its focus is to provide a hands-free, non-coercive, choice-based, judgment-free, shared authentic experience that empowers you to develop a more positive relationship with your body.


Reach out today: (413) 519-2098.

No matter where you’ve been, TCTSY may be the perfect vehicle to get you where you’re going.

Let’s work together to awaken and enhance the dynamic, potent force that awaits within.