It’s eating you alive.

The clock has rolled over. The alarm has sounded. Another day – and you can’t believe it’s still here.

It starts in the pit of your stomach, grabs on to your rapidly beating heart, and tackles your breath.

You even feel the tingling in your feet and the trembling of your hands.

When will it ever go away?

What if someone notices that you can’t even hold a pen steady and write your name? What if they hear the shaking in your voice?

You can’t take the thought of being found out – having someone else discover that you don’t have it all under control. That you have a – secret.

You’ve tried so long to “get it together” – to show the world that there’s nothing wrong, but it’s getting harder.

It’s relentless.

If you’ve had any sleep, you start your day with the dread of trying to manage your anxiety and the thoughts that come with it. They overtake you and are downright overwhelming at times.

Sometimes, all you want to do is crawl up in a ball.

The amount of “gotta dos” and expectations that everyone else has on you and that you place on yourself are more than a molehill. They’re a mountain.

At every turn, you question your ability, your self-confidence tumbles, your gut churns and sinks.

But it’s not all bad.

For all the strife that anxiety creates, it has its function. A degree of it is natural – even healthy.

It may have begun in response to a traumatic event in your life.

And if so, its role was to protect you from some form of danger or potential threat. It may have even saved your life.

But it’s not supposed to rule your life.

And it doesn’t have to.

You don’t have to live your life being ruled by anxiety, letting it drag you around by your arm.

Together, we’ll explore specific techniques to bring peace back into your life – to get you grounded again.

We’ll develop strategies to create a pause in between breaths that will allow you to see situations through a different lens and, consequently, a sense of resolve.

THIS can be your life.

Put yourself back in the driver’s seat.

Empower yourself to face each day with control, confidence, and calm. Reset your relationship with your body’s natural defense system.

With the right tools and perspective, anxiety doesn’t have to be your adversary – it can go back to being your protector – and even your friend.

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