About Me

The Point of NO Return

I reached that point after trauma and grief collided. After a trusted mentor recommended, “Fight or flee,” I had to find another place to call home.

I tried to fight to remain where I was – to no avail. I tried to flee, but I ran into roadblocks at every turn.

What to do? I began a mission of self-reflection, self-discovery, and re-creation.

Now, I’m here, I’m happy, and I’m lovin’ it.

Deep Dive

In grad school, they teach the importance of having your own therapeutic journey. This was one of the most meaningful messages I received.

I’ve been in and on the journey. I’ve gone deep, and I know what it’s like to blossom.

Credentials & Perseverance

Some people “matter of factly” know where they’re going. You might say I like to take creative paths.

With each area of exploration, I’ve expanded my interests and honed my skills in psychology, mindfulness, meditation, trauma-sensitive yoga, and ariel yoga.

I’m profoundly grateful for all my experiences because they allow me to find inspiration in whatever presents itself and, in turn, share that with you.

R&R and High Adventure

When we’re not working together, you can find me in the sand at the beach, on a hike in the woods, screaming on the hills of the roller coaster, or catching my breath as I jump from a plane.

I’m like a crockpot of interests.


Welcome to Core-Awakening!

You’ve entered the fruition of a dream. A dream in which I wanted to create a safe space for people to take a peek at their experiences, work through them with a variety of approaches, and come to a place of understanding, self-exploration, a connection between mind-body, and an increased sense of aliveness.

Breathe • Move • Come Alive