Trauma Recovery

A Storm of Emotions

Shock. Denial. Fear.

Anger and fury. Sadness. Shame.

All welling up at the same time.

If I asked you what you thought about someone experiencing such turmoil, you might tell me that person must have gone through something significant in their life.

But… what if that person is you?

Perhaps you’ve never used the word trauma to describe your experience.

But if you’ve experienced that tidal wave, you may have gone through something traumatic in your life. You may even have other people telling you, “Hey, what you went through is a form of trauma.”

And there’s no shame in that.

How do you know?

If you’re still not sure, here are some ways to assess:

The noise – screaming, crashing, stomping, slamming.

The hypervigilance – your mind is a vault full of life’s details – etched in your brain and keeping you on high alert.

The fear of touch – of any kind. You jump at the slightest.

The silence – it’s as if you don’t exist in your own home.

The quality of your relationships – they can be downright difficult. Sometimes, you think you might be better off without them.

Meeting You Where You Are

Trauma involves responding to a deeply distressing and disturbing event – or events – that overwhelms your ability to cope, connect, and feel alive in the world.

Whatever your situation, we’ll set up the best environment – a physically and emotionally safe space where you’re in control. Where you can share your story – or not – at your own pace.

No prodding. No judgment. I’ll hold your words and life’s events with the utmost compassion and care.

Navigating Uncharted Territory

My approach to helping others with their path to healing involves much more than talk therapy.

At certain points in my life, I had no words for my experience or feelings. Paralyzed and ashamed, I felt like no one else in the world understood what I was experiencing. I mean, if someone is asking you how you feel, you “should” know, right?

However, at times, that’s far from the truth. Sometimes, there simply are no words.

Using an Integrated Approach

When trauma happens, it “hijacks’” certain parts of the brain and paralyzes or fixates your nervous system in an infinite loop at the precise moment of the traumatic event.

Sometimes, we need more than words to process and heal.

I’ve personally benefited from approaches that include drawing, painting, writing poetry, slowing down body movements and noticing the effects, and practicing yoga, meditation, grounding, and mindfulness techniques.

In practice, I’ve incorporated these strategies to help people break free from that cycle and regain their zest for life. And I can help you do the same.

Face the storm, break the cycle, and heal.

There’s so much more to life, and it’s waiting for you just beyond the clouds.

Call now at (413) 519-2098 for your free consultation, and let’s begin your journey.

Once we process those memories effectively, you can regain control and start realizing your dreams.