“Her patience and calm demeanor create a very welcoming and warm room.
Her tone of voice and essence create a very welcoming environment.”

– Anonymous

“I have tried not to pay attention to my body for years. What I found in Marg’s practice was a compassionate and understanding practitioner who allowed me the space and time to get comfortable with my body and my body’s movements. I have been especially keen to work on the mind-body connection, which Marg fostered. I feel much better. The movement, the breathwork, and the body scans all helped me move into a better and healthy place where I can work with my body so I can move and feel better”.
– Diane Feller

“Working Marg’s yoga program in conjunction with my EMDR therapy helped me move through so much! The benefits are such that I will be forever grateful.”
– Susan M.

“…the perfect guide with a wealth of patience and tenderness. She is understanding and lets you work through at your own pace. I couldn’t think of anyone else more perfect as a supportive guide.”
– Jessica Martinez

“I would highly recommend Marguerite!  After just one session I was able to put to use some tips she gave me.  After more sessions it just got better!  I have definitely noticed an improvement in my life.  You feel welcome and at ease right away.”
– Mo