Therapy for Women

You’ve been everything for everyone for so long.

If you stop to think about it for too long, you just might crumble.

Sometimes, it feels like no one even notices, much less appreciates, everything you do.

Does anyone understand that pressure? Sometimes, you just want to crawl up in a ball.

Now, the “Everys” have become totally overwhelming.

It’s too much.

You’re starting to see that you can’t keep up with everything. And you worry.

“How does she get everything done so effortlessly?”

“If anyone ever saw me – the real me…”

You’ve booked yourself to the gills –

Because if you stop, that thing might come to the surface.

Because if you stop, you might have to feel.

Because if you stop, your world might crash in front of your eyes.

Time to accept reality.

Life is precious, and you’ve spent too much of it putting yourself second. Wait. Stop kidding yourself – perhaps even last.

There’s no judgment here! I get it. I understand that, as women, we tend to see ourselves as protectors, organizers, planners – not only to our loved ones, but to those less familiar.

How often have you said to yourself, “Who else is going to take care of it if I don’t?”

Time to exit the rat race of fear.

I’ll bet that, as soon as the alarm rings, perhaps after a growl at the thought of getting up, you just might have an adrenaline rush that sets you on the racetrack for the day.

One thing after another. Some things even act as a distraction to what you really think of your job, relationship, life.

Fear has a significant role to play in how you see yourself functioning in the world. Fear of disappointing others. Fear of not being enough. Even fear of succeeding!

What if you did stop? What if you did reach out? What if?…

What about asking some different questions?

What if you found someone who truly wants to hear your story – if you’d like to share it.

What if you found someone who honestly does care about your thoughts and feelings?

These questions may seem terrifying, yet you’ll find me here – without judgment – and that ALL of you is welcome.

Time to put on your oxygen mask first.

It may sound cliché, but it’s true. You can’t keep doing what you do for everyone else if you don’t take care of yourself, and you know you can’t keep going on like this.

Now just might be the perfect time to put yourself first, for you can only be for others what you can be for yourself.

Reach out to me today at (413) 519-2098. Let’s get you well on your way to health, restoration, and rejuvenation –

So you can be the best version of yourself – for yourself – and those you love.