About You

YOU are your priority.

Life can change – for the BETTER.

You know what you want. You see it in your mind.

While it may feel out of reach, it’s in the palm of your hand.

And you’re taking your first step toward it.

YOU are empowered.

More than you might realize, the power is there – within you – anticipating your access.

It awaits – somewhere below the surface – begging for activation.

Once you feel the first twinge of its presence, you’ll want more – and more.

Connection is the foundation.

You don’t have to take this journey alone.

But you do need to discover the right fit.

You’ll know it’s right when your mind says yes – and your body agrees.

Calm, Grounded, and Sometimes Silly for Sure

We’ll move at your pace – so you can fully explore your emotions.

I’ll create a safe, judgment-free, and supportive space for every step of your journey.

And as we travel together, you’ll discover that a little humor goes a long way.


Welcome to Core-Awakening!

You’ve entered the fruition of a dream. A dream in which I wanted to create a safe space for people to take a peek at their experiences, work through them with a variety of approaches, and come to a place of understanding, self-exploration, a connection between mind-body, and an increased sense of aliveness.

Breathe • Move • Come Alive