Individual Therapy

You’ve put it off long enough.

The push and pull of “I need it. No, I don’t.”

The years of pretending that “it” doesn’t bother you.

All the time you feel you’ve “wasted” by not being true to yourself.

And it’s been a tough decision.

You’ve had to ignore comments from others. “You don’t ‘need’ it,” “Just pull up your bootstraps,” “Be a man,” “You should be ‘over’ it.” “Moms do it all.”

And your own self-doubt, “Can I do this?”

And you wonder, “If I do this, will they accept me for who I really am?”

But you’re here.

And since you’re here, you’re already thinking therapy may be helpful.

You’re courageous. You’re motivated. You’re nurturing self-care.

You’ve gotten your feet wet with Internet exploration.

You’ve taken the leap. And now you’ve arrived. Welcome!

Welcome to Core-Awakening – where your healing journey is #1.

My approach to supporting your process is one of inclusion. That is, including YOU in the decision-making for sessions and overall plan.

We’ll build our work together on the foundation of consistent communication.

It’s your birthright to be seen, heard, understood and to feel a sense of connection. I’ll provide that for you.

Step One: Finding the Right Fit

I understand. The all-important next step in your healing process is finding the right therapist.

Without the right connection, we can’t build trust. Without trust, we can’t achieve the depth and breadth of healing you long for.

One of my unique attributes is my ability to incorporate a wide scope of options such as grounding techniques, breathing techniques, meditation, art, poetry, body sensation awareness, and trauma-sensitive yoga.

We’ll work in partnership to explore what works best for you.

It’s time to begin your journey.

You’ve taken the hardest step. You’re here. And you deserve to have the peace, joy, and confidence to live the life of your dreams.

There’s no better time than right now to start moving toward the best version of yourself.

Call (413) 519-2098 today for your free 30-minute consultation. It might just change your life!