Your Past is Trapped in Your Body

Regain Control and Return to You

Trauma Sensitive Yoga in Chicopee and Online Throughout MA

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Your sense of safety was ripped away from you in an instant.

Ever since that incident, your life has felt out of control.

Sometimes your hands shake so badly that you have to hold your coffee mug with both hands.

At other times, you feel numb and disconnected even from the people you love.

You were robbed of choice and voice, and now you’re left picking up the pieces.

The ‘coping skills’ you’ve tried don’t work.

Deep breathing exercises make you feel lightheaded and anxious.

You’ve tried talk therapy, but you’re sick of talking about the same thing, and it’s not helping.

Traditional yoga was supposed to ‘calm your mind,’ but it made you feel uncomfortable and judged.

Some days you want to give up, but you know there must be a solution.

Unlock the wisdom of your body.

Trauma-sensitive yoga empowers you to trust your intuition while moving through yoga forms.

You’ll be offered healing forms that allow you to connect the places in your body that were silenced out of necessity.

You’ll make choices according to what’s available in your body at any given moment.

You’ll move through the forms at your own internal pace.

Feel alive again!

You’ll release the held emotions through a guided process of identifying your body’s sensations.

If the practice brings up old wounds, I’ll support your process through grounding somatic techniques.

Feel your self-esteem and confidence blossom, as you unfold within the comfort of a safe space.

As you become more attuned to your internal sensations, the numbness and stress naturally dissipate.

Don’t let your past steal anymore of your future.

This practice builds resilience in your physical and emotional body to overcome strong emotions.

You’ve already seen that traumatic events don’t go away independently.

Take control and become fully present in your life again.  Give yourself the support you need to heal.

It wasn’t fair what happened to you, but you don’t deserve to live in its shadow any longer.

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