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Anxiety has taken over your life.

You wake up exhausted from a fitful sleep and worried dreams.

It’s hard to choose what to eat for breakfast since your stomach is already in knots.

At work, you’re constantly distracted. Your knee is jumping like a jackhammer, and you can’t focus.

You try to slow your breathing and thoughts, but the air feels thin, and you begin to feel lightheaded.

Unchecked worries run ramped throughout your body.

Suddenly you feel like you’re going to faint.

Your heart starts hammering against your ribcage. Is this a heart attack?!

Sitting on the cool tiles in your work bathroom, you hold your head between your legs.

You can’t keep living like this, but you don’t know where to turn.

Enough is enough.

Anxiety is an issue that’s hard to fix from just adjusting our thoughts, and even more challenging to manage alone.

I know because I’ve battled it myself.

That’s why I’ve dedicated my practice to helping others recover from anxiety and live fulfilling lives.

Together, we’ll design a personalized approach to help you overcome anxiety once and for all.

Discover an approach uniquely suited to your needs.

Using body-oriented therapy, we’ll find the origins of your anxiety and address it at the root.

You’ll learn powerful somatic tools to remain in the present when anxious feelings arise.

We’ll explore movement therapies that help to release anxiety directly from your body’s tissues.

Start “taking up space” as you begin to move through the world with empowered confidence.

Change starts right here. Right now.

Anxiety shouldn’t rule your life another day.

You’ve already taken the first courageous step – you’ve reached out for help.

Today’s the day you take hold of your anxiety once and for all.

Let’s regain control of your life, so you can create the life you’ve always wanted.

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